Recycling Humanity Short Stories!

More additions to the Recycling Humanity universe! Available on Amazon now! I have released two short stories that won Honorable Mentions in the Writers of the Future Contest! The short story that started off the whole series is actually from Abishai’s point of view. Read Sand and Starships (Recycling Humanity 0.5) to see what life was like […]

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Lost Time and Pivot!

Where in the world did December go?? I felt the month of December was a holding time, as if I was slowly, excruciatingly just waiting around for something to happen. Maybe for the busyness of the holidays to be over. Or maybe it was because I was working hard to set my goals for 2019. […]

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Day 18 NaNoWriMo -A New Day

It’s amazing how each day of our lives can be so different! This last week I’ve been struggling to write and hold down my day job. Even yesterday, Saturday, my favorite day of the week was a struggle. But today was a new day. I’m so grateful every morning that I wake up, and days […]

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