#nanowrimo Post-Draft Exhaustion

I’m totally exhausted this week. I just finished NaNoWriMo with 50,000+ words of the draft of my newest novel. In fact it took a day or two to recuperate before even writing this blog post. But even exhausted I can’t stay away from writing for very long. I’m a word junkie! It’s not just physical exhaustion from […]

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#nanowrimo 2016 winning and Flow!

November 30th and I’ve finished NaNoWriMo 2016 with 50,620 words! Even though this is the fifth Nano I’ve won, it is still quite a natural high. Every time I finish a novel and write The End, I feel like I’ve just reached the summit of Mt. Everest. This month offered a variety of challenges that […]

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#nanowrimo Day 22

I’ve been behind the last few weeks on my nano word count, but my story is flowing well. It keeps pulling me forward, it won’t let me stop. That’s the way it is with things we’re really passionate about. The passion and excitement we have for our craft – either writing, acting, dancing, drawing, or […]

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#nanowrimo Day 14

I love NaNoWriMo because it’s not only awesome motivation for finishing a novel, it helps to let more people know just how important our creative sides are. Placing importance on creating words everyday, revealing more and more of our story, and falling in love with our characters are all amazing ways of expressing ourselves.  When […]

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#nanowrimo DAY 11

After many days of either not being able to write or writing very little, I’ve finally caught up! November always seems to throw up roadblocks, but I guess you could say that about every month. There’s always something going on in our lives that tries to derail us from our goals. Sickness, family emergencies, holidays, […]

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#nanowrimo Day 6

Yes, I fell behind not only on my blogging for days 4 and 5, but also my word count as well. I have a really good excuse though. My oldest son, his wife, and my new grand baby just got back home after four years in Japan. So I was a little distracted this weekend. […]

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#nanowrimo Day 3

Today was an awesome day! I didn’t write too many words on my novel though, but I did conduct research for it. Unusual research by most people’s standards I imagine. I took a tour of our county coroner’s office. No, I don’t write horror novels. But I do enjoy writing about diverse careers. And I found […]

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#nanowrimo Day 2

I experimented on a schedule for writing during a work day. On my morning break I wrote notes for the chapter that I would write on my lunch hour. A little over 700 words accomplished! Then after dinner I finished that chapter and started another, ending up with 1859 words for today! I hope I […]

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