8 Minutes Award-Winning Short Film @manhattanshort

Last night I went to our local indie movie theatre in Boise, Idaho and watched the Manhattan Short Film Festival. It’s amazing how many passionate directors, producers, screenwriters, and actors are out there that are unknown (at least here in the US) but producing great work. It was an amazing and enjoyable evening! Typically I’ve […]

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The Mazerunner Movie!

I loved the Mazerunner movie. I planned on going to the Mazerunner movie on opening night – Thursday September 18, 2014 in Boise, Idaho. I always look forward to seeing new movies as soon as the movie theaters play them. Especially the movies from the YA books I read and love. I drive everyone crazy […]

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Elysium movie

Ok, so I spent the extra money to see this one on the big screen IMAX theatre! As I suspected,  Elysium, the world in space above Earth, was definitely patterned after my all time favorite sci fy writer, Larry Niven’s Ringworld. The shape of Elysium, and the mechanics of the world are identical to the […]

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Ender’s Game movie is coming this fall!

I loved reading Ender’s Game, Ender’s Shadow, and Speaker for the Dead. I am so excited that Ender’s Game the movie is coming this fall! November 1, 2013. Advertisements

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