T minus 8 days book launch – relationships and review blurbs!

I’m also very proud to announce that with Midpoint Station and Talia’s Planet, I have some amazing author reviews on the back covers!

My good friend and excellent writer Dave Butler aka D.J. Butler, author of Witchy Eye and Witchy Winter wrote me a blurb:

“Recycling Humanity is an adrenaline rush disguised as YA science fiction. If you liked The Expanse, you’ll love this book.” D.J. Butler

Thank you Dave for being awesome, and making it to Boise enough so I get to hear your latest songs!!

Also, bestselling author Cherry Adair wrote me a blurb. Cherry is an amazing person, teacher, and writer. I love her books! She wrote:

“The RECYCLING HUMANITY series is a fabulous, fast-moving, thrill-ride of a young adult space opera.” – Cherry Adair, New York Times Bestselling Author

Cherry Adair runs a yearly contest called Finish the Damn Book! That helped me finish these last two novels in my Recycling Humanity series. She gives lots of encouragement and a kick in the pants when you need it!

It’s for this reason- meeting and learning from such amazing people that keeps me going even when doubts start creeping into my head. I love the writing community, it’s full of such generous, talented, well-rounded creatives.

Don’t forget to pre-order Talia’s Planet today!



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