#nanowrimo Day 22

I’ve been behind the last few weeks on my nano word count, but my story is flowing well. It keeps pulling me forward, it won’t let me stop. That’s the way it is with things we’re really passionate about. The passion and excitement we have for our craft – either writing, acting, dancing, drawing, or whatever it is that ignites that feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment inside of us – helps us persevere when we encounter obstacles in our path.

Yes, kudos from those around us can be validating and keep us going as well. But there will be times when there’s no one around to give us a pat on the back, or we encounter some negativity that tries to drag us backwards.

That’s when the passion for our craft wraps us in a creative flow that ignites and sustains us. We’re able to keep going, keep creating, and keep pouring the best of ourselves into our passions. The world needs our art. Keep on creating!



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