#nanowrimo DAY 11

After many days of either not being able to write or writing very little, I’ve finally caught up! November always seems to throw up roadblocks, but I guess you could say that about every month. There’s always something going on in our lives that tries to derail us from our goals. Sickness, family emergencies, holidays, household tasks, to name a few that always strike me.

The goal of Nanowrimo is to finish 50,000 words in a month. That’s a lot of words, especially if you have a day job that is not all about writing, or you have kids or family to take care of. As a legal assistant, I’m pretty mentally fried by the end of the day. But writing is important to me during all the months of the year. So I find time during lunch and breaks to write. On days when my coworkers don’t interrupt my lunch hour, I can write almost 1000 words. Then at home after dinner and some time with the family, I take another hour or two to write as well.

So set your goals, carve out time for them, and just keep going. Get back up after bad days, and don’t beat yourself up for them. We all have bad days, or days we just fall short of our goals. After being many days behind in my Nanowrimo goals, I made up for it by writing over 6000 words today. And I’m far from exhausted, I’m actually exhilarated. Because I created something, I expressed myself, and I got back on track with my goals.

Onward and upward!




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