#nanowrimo Day 6

Yes, I fell behind not only on my blogging for days 4 and 5, but also my word count as well. I have a really good excuse though. My oldest son, his wife, and my new grand baby just got back home after four years in Japan. So I was a little distracted this weekend. Family is important, and I did take some time from cleaning and writing to cuddle with my sweet grand baby. (and who could resist that adorable face!?)

I did get soimg_8379me writing done today while she napped. And I’m confident that I’ll be able to catch up this week during my lunch hours at work. It’s all about the long game, being persistent, and having a good writing habit. Which I do most days. It also helps that my writing muse is very persistent and cunning. When a day goes by without having written, an empty, hollow feeling grows inside me. It is only relieved when I sit down and write. This passion for writing gets me through happy and sad days, horrendous days, and meh days.


#amwriting #nanowrimo


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