#nanowrimo Day 3


Today was an awesome day! I didn’t write too many words on my novel though, but I did conduct research for it. Unusual research by most people’s standards I imagine. I took a tour of our county coroner’s office.

No, I don’t write horror novels. But I do enjoy writing about diverse careers. And I found that this group of people that work at our county coroner’s office are the most respectful, close knit, organized, caring, awesome people I’ve ever had the pleasure to talk with.

I was taken on a tour of the facility with an in-depth explanation of all the processes and procedures that take place there. I was amazed at just how many different job specialties it takes to run a coroner’s office. Along with the coroner, who is an elected official, there is a chief deputy coroner, many office staff, Forensic Pathologists, Forensic Technicians, a Forensic Psychologist, a Forensic Odontologist, many Medicolegal Death Investigators, Anthropologists, and several medical doctors.

It was an enlightening look into careers that most of us would never want to think about. I’m amazed not only how well this team works together at a job that is at times stressful, gruesome and sad, but also how much they enjoy their jobs. They have learned to balance their not-so-glamorous work with healthy personal lives. (And you can tell they have a great sense of humor by reading the challenge coin pictured here!)

In order for us to maintain our way of life in our society, there are jobs like these at the coroner’s office that have to be done by someone. They aren’t jobs that appeal to everyone, but those that do step up to respectfully gather and unravel the mysteries around the deceased, are an asset to our communities.


#amwriting #nanowrimo


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