#nanowrimo is almost here!!

I look forward to NaNoWriMo every year! I love the support and the camaraderie that takes place all across the globe. It’s such a motivating time with writing buddies cheering you on, famous authors giving daily advice, and so many forums to join. 

This year will be quite a challenge for me since my kids and my new granddaughter will be visiting for the month of November. (I’m so excited to spend time with the cutest little future writer!!!) And I’m starting out with a migraine. But I love a challenge and survived and won NaNo before with full Lupus flares- so I got this!! 

To keep myself even more accountable I’m going to blog my NaNo progress this year! Even if it’s just a sentence or two every day. 

For prep I’ve created my main character and generally envisioned the others. I’ve had some major fun world building and I’ve set up some interviews with local experts to flesh out details in my story as I go.

Speaking of flesh, this week I’m interviewing our local coroner. How could I resist? Their motto is “Our day doesn’t start until yours ends.” I love the dark sense of humor!!!  I love diverse characters as well as diverse jobs- and they’ll need coroners in space right? 


#amwriting #nanowrimo


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