Court of Fives by Kate Elliot

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Kate Elliot’s first young adult novel, Court of Fives. Everything from the world building to the amazing array of characters made this an enchanting read.

The intricate Fives trainings and competitions made the book fast-paced and riveting. I loved how Ms. Elliot wove the theme of Fives throughout the book, giving hints to deeper meanings for the levels and symbols of the games.

The interactions between Jess and Kal on and off the Fives court gave the novel heart and took us inside the lives of two very different classes of people in this world. Jess is tough, strong, and loyal to her family, even when it is not deserved. Kal works hard to avoid living a life his family wants for him.

I look forward to the next book in this series, Poisoned Blade, which comes out on August 16, 2016. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick this one up at WorldCon that week and have Kate Elliot sign it! #MidAmeriCon2



Pre-order – BIOLAB ZEG!

YA SF book lovers!

With my Recycling Humanity’s third book in the series, Biolab Zeg, I’m trying something new. Pre-orders on Amazon. I’m hoping to get more reviews this way, so that the Recycling Humanity world is visible to more readers!

I love this post-apocalyptic world and the kick-ass young women and men that are making it a better place despite all the challenges I keep throwing at them. Biolab Zeg gets us even closer to the Migration toward humanities’ new home, and gives us yet another flawed but strong young woman to go through space adventures with.

As the date gets closer to the August 1, 2016 availability, I will give updates on how it’s progressing. Right now it looks like only the e-book is up for pre-order.

If anyone is interested in a free e-copy of Biolab Zeg in return for an honest review, email me at author (at) heatherleedyer (dot) com!

Thank you, awesome readers!

-Heather Lee

The Perfect Story – Romance novella

My romance novella under my pen name, Heather J. James, is only 99 cents until 7/14/16!!

Logan is from South Africa and is running away from dangerous family secrets. Jess is from Nogales, Arizona and is desperately trying to distance herself from the gossip of her hometown. The attraction is mutual and instant.

BONUS: I have included an awesome recipe for Flan in this book! Each book of this series will have a different recipe.

Professional kitchen in a restaurant

Professional kitchen in a restaurant