Purpose in Words

I encourage everyone on Earth if they can’t make it up to space in their lifetime (such a small percentage of us are that blessed), to visit a foreign country, experience another culture, or travel widely in their own country.

Traveling outside of our comfort zones gives us perspective outside of ourselves. We get so set in our ways and stagnant in our thinking that our dreams tend to wither and die. Without people that pursue passionate, purposeful, and creative dreams and ideas, humanity will become critical and apathetic.

One of my passions is writing and I always strive to learn and improve on it. I also love space sciences and science fiction equally. I get excited to watch the next Youtube video from the space station or the next Star Trek movie. I am heartened by the STEM education in schools as our country tries to get young people excited about math and sciences.

To combine my passions, I write Young Adult Science Fiction. I also read YA and science fiction books widely. My goal is to encourage readers of all ages, but especially teens, to get excited once again for space exploration and travel. We need to keep the current advances made by NASA, Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, Blue Origin, Orbital Sciences, Bigelow Aerospace, Space Dev, and dozens of other space programs worldwide, moving forward.

Through my Recycling Humanity series of novels, my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/heatherleedyer/?ref=hl, my twitter account https://twitter.com/HeatherLeeDyer_, and my email newsletter at http://www.heatherleedyer.com, I hope to entertain and educate teens and adults about the different aspects of space living, travel, and exploration.





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