Time Salvager by Wesley Chu

To be honest I don’t usually like time travel stories. They are just not the kind of science fiction novels that usually excite me. I do enjoy anything with space ships, kickass not-so-perfect heroes or heroines, a bit of romance, and even aliens. My favorite type of stories by far are dystopian. There is nothing better to make your daily struggles seem insignificant than reading about Earth and civilization being destroyed. Seriously, your boss refusing your vacation time at work doesn’t even compare to a natural disaster that decimates three quarters of humanity, or alien ships hovering over Earth’s major cities. I love science fiction!

Time Salvager does have several of these aspects of SF that interest me, and Mr. Chu did win the John W. Campbell award, so I thought maybe I would read it. What really encouraged me to pick up Time Salvager, even though I already had a TBR pile that was overflowing, was that I got to meet Mr. Chu at WorldCon 2015. Actually, I ran into Mr. Chu many times during that week. We joked about who was stalking who at the convention. He is an amazingly nice guy who even indulged this fan girl with a picture with him and Mur Lafferty.

So I did read Time Salvager, and I love it. Even though time travel is entwined in the very fabric of this story, it isn’t dry and boring. There is an everyday aspect to time travel in Time Salvager that makes it appealing and does not overshadow the story unfolding between the characters. James and Elise are kick-ass, believable, and interesting. The adventures they are put through are fast paced and true to who they are as characters.

I would highly recommend Time Salvager to any SF fan (even those who aren’t usually crazy about time travel), and I also look forward to reading Time Siege, coming out July 12, 2016. Hopefully I can get this one signed as well by Mr. Chu at the next WorldCon. Perfect timing for this book release!



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