Step Two in the Editing Journey

Novel #1 is finally in the home stretch! Now that I have the conceptual edits back, I am reworking the novel, chapter by chapter. I have given myself a deadline, and I am pushing forward. Editing is not my favorite part of writing, but I’m trying to embrace it.

It wasn’t easy, getting the feedback. Although I knew it wouldn’t be all rainbows and glitter, it still was hard reading the comments. After all, this is my baby, my first novel, the one that I’ve been working on for 2 years.

So, after a few days of drinking and feeling sorry for myself, I came up with a plan. Well, before the plan, but after the drinking, I sat down and talked with an editor friend of mine. She helped me come up with this plan. A plan to keep my sanity, and to face the editors comments. A plan to make my novel better.

The plan was easy. First of all, I had to read through all of the comments. All of them. Then I took a chocolate break.

Next, I read through the comments again. This time I filtered the comments. I decided which ones I thought applied, which ones would be good for my novel. Those I took notes on. Any comments I didn’t agree with, or that didn’t add to my novel, I ignored.

Now I’m in the last phase of this great plan. I’m integrating the editor’s comments that I agreed with, into my novel. Although a painful process, I have learned a lot from it, and I believe my novel will be better for it. I’m glad I persevered, and didn’t give up.

The next step will be a line by line editor. I look forward to this next hurdle, and I have armed myself with lots of chocolate.


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