Writer’s Doubt: How You Can Overcome Doubt and Create Work That Matters by Bryan Hutchinson

Writer’s Doubt has easily become one of my favorite writing reference / inspiration / guidance books. I discovered Bryan Hutchinson thanks to another inspirational writer, Jeff Goins.

Bryan brings all the fears and doubts that I have kept unnamed and hidden to the surface, and shows me how to deal with them. For example, his personal stories and advice have helped me face doubts and fears that I have had about letting others read my writing. I have always been cautious about telling too many people about my writing projects or even sharing with my writing groups, but I didn’t know why. I thought maybe I was just feeling insecure or too picky with who I trusted my first drafts. I felt guilty and compelled to let others read my work before I was comfortable, because that is what I thought was expected of me.

Writer’s Doubt assured me that it is perfectly fine to ask for feedback from the right people, when I’m ready. This has allowed me to write freer and more creatively, since I know that I don’t have to show my work until I’m ready to share.

I appreciate Bryan’s openness, honesty, and his advice on all aspects of the writer’s life.

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