The Mazerunner Movie!

I loved the Mazerunner movie.
I planned on going to the Mazerunner movie on opening night – Thursday September 18, 2014 in Boise, Idaho. I always look forward to seeing new movies as soon as the movie theaters play them. Especially the movies from the YA books I read and love. I drive everyone crazy the month before each grand opening. Encouraging them to read the book, and making sure they know I will be late to work the morning after. I love the whole experience of anticipating the movie, and then getting to see it on the big screen with a full theatre of other excited movie goers.

Unfortunately our area doesn’t have the most exciting grand openings. If I’m lucky, they might have t-shirts the first night or a few posters to the first movie watchers that know enough to ask at the concessions for them. One of these days I would love to experience a grand opening with fanfare, throngs of people, media blasts, and live entertainment. A grand opening worthy of all the hard work by the authors, actors, directors, and tons of support people that come together to create such wonderful entertainment.

I have followed the making of The Mazerunner on Twitter and Facebook, eagerly awaiting this opening week. I was not disappointed. Even though I read the book, all of the books, there were still moments I jumped in my seat, causing my dear husband to giggle at me. Manly giggles of course.

The setting was rich and even more vivid than I imagined, and the actors did an excellent job. Even with some creative licensing that always comes with movies made from books, I believe Wes Ball did an awesome adaption. I plan to see it again to enjoy the little details this time.

Thanks James Dashner for keeping us so up to date with all the exciting happenings during the making of this movie.


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