Ringworld, the graphic novel, part one

Ringworld is my favorite book of all time. Since I was just introduced to graphic novels this year, I was excited that Larry Niven came out with a graphic novel for Ringworld. I love that the story of Ringworld is being introduced to a new and wider audience with this graphic adaption. I think that someone who has not read the original book might get a bit lost at times in some of the scenes, but overall I was thrilled with it, and look forward to the following books.

Just a funny side note, as someone who reads YA and writes YA, I got quite a chuckle out of the size of this Ringworld Graphic Novel. It is smaller and thicker than most of the graphic novels I have been introduced to, more like a trade paperback. Reading it in public, no one could tell I was reading a graphic novel; it just looked like I was reading a really awesome sci fi novel. Was this on purpose, I wonder? Maybe some smart marketing for adult readers of graphic novels just coming out of the literary closet?

As always, Larry Niven is one of my favorite authors, and I was not disappointed by this graphic novel of Ringworld.


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