Ringworld, the graphic novel, part one

Ringworld is my favorite book of all time. Since I was just introduced to graphic novels this year, I was excited that Larry Niven came out with a graphic novel for Ringworld. I love that the story of Ringworld is being introduced to a new and wider audience with this graphic adaption. I think that […]

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Monument 14 Savage Drift by Emmy Laybourne

I absolutely love the Monument 14 series! The characters are endearing and memorable, and I’m going to miss Dean, Alex, Josie, Niko, Jake, Astrid, Sahalia and the younger kids. For three books now, I have enjoyed their ingenuity, their growth, and the family connection they all form. The post-tsunami / post-chemical exposure world they find […]

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Time away

I can’t believe I haven’t posted a blog since last November. I had every intention of posting, and I have read so many good books since then. So why the time away? I have been working on building my website. In my head I keep thinking I will post a blog after I have the […]

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