Ally Condie, author of the Matched series


Meeting Ally Condie at a the Boise Library today was a great experience. I love meeting published authors in person and hearing them describe their writing processes and inspirations. Ally has many of the same habits as a writer that I do, which is very reassuring to me! Ally creates music playlists for each book, and a folder of inspirations for each book. I too, have different playlists for the different novels I am working on. I collect inspirational quotes and pictures that I post in my office. Her idea of a folder for these important images is a great idea. I might have to get a bit more organized. 🙂


I also enjoyed hearing about the ideas that created her Matched series. Everyday experiences, family relationships, and picturesque locations all played a part in creating the Matched characters and world. 

Thank you Ally Condie for taking time to coming to Boise!




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