Ally Condie, author of the Matched series


Meeting Ally Condie at a the Boise Library today was a great experience. I love meeting published authors in person and hearing them describe their writing processes and inspirations. Ally has many of the same habits as a writer that I do, which is very reassuring to me! Ally creates music playlists for each book, and a folder of inspirations for each book. I too, have different playlists for the different novels I am working on. I collect inspirational quotes and pictures that I post in my office. Her idea of a folder for these important images is a great idea. I might have to get a bit more organized. 🙂


I also enjoyed hearing about the ideas that created her Matched series. Everyday experiences, family relationships, and picturesque locations all played a part in creating the Matched characters and world. 

Thank you Ally Condie for taking time to coming to Boise!




Elysium movie

Ok, so I spent the extra money to see this one on the big screen IMAX theatre! As I suspected,  Elysium, the world in space above Earth, was definitely patterned after my all time favorite sci fy writer, Larry Niven’s Ringworld. The shape of Elysium, and the mechanics of the world are identical to the Ringworld that Louis Wu finds himself on in 2850 AD. Elysium was on its own a great sci fi movie, lots of action, and Matt Damon was perfect for the role. My geek side would have liked more explanation or scenes with some of the technology, such as the brain transfer hardware, the medical beds, or of course Elysium itself. All told I enjoyed the movie and it will be another movie I will add to my DVD collection. 

Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

Incarceron is a unique blend of different worlds. It answers the question of world war and overpopulation with a unique twist. I loved the Fisher’s version of the how they dealt with the future. There were some questions in mind as I read that I hope the sequel Sapphique will answer. 

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