The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken

The Darkest Minds is a great read! I couldn’t put it down. The characters drew me into their world even as I tried to pull away from the sheer awfulness of what the kids in this book had to go through. The dystopian world in The Darkest Minds is very bleak and hopeless, but Alexandra Bracken’s characters and plot twists keep the reader hoping and cheering. I enjoyed this book and look forward to the next in the series.

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PODs by Michelle Pickett

Traveling to Eastern Idaho for work this last week gave me the chance to read the book PODs by Michelle Pickett. I love apocalyptic young adult novels with a bit of romance thrown in. Michelle Pickett gives us another take on the end of civilization, and a unique way the United States deals with this uncertain future. I love the characters and how real they seem without being whiney, depressing, or superhuman. Eva and David endure end of the world hardships, coming close to danger many times, but still maintain a very real relationship in all the chaos. Isn’t that how we all hope we will act at the end of the world? I give this novel 5 stars and I look forward to reading more by Michelle Pickett.

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