Burn Baby Burn by Shannon Donnelly

Burn Baby Burn is a paranormal romance that has great characters and non stop action. I love the richness of the characters and how well they interact with each other. While trying to find a half human half demon baby, Mackenzie and Josh go from just a working relationship to a romantic one.

This book has charmers, warders, demons, and angels that are all trying to capture or kill Josh and Mackenzie. The descriptions and personality traits are wonderful. There were times I was a little confused when the POV changed, but overall it was a very good read. I look forward to the next books in the series.

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The Host

The Host by Stephanie Meyer was a great read. Of course I expected something along the lines of Twilight. There are readers who really liked the Twilight series, and those that didn’t. I was one that really enjoyed the series. But even though The Host was not like Twilight, I enjoyed it. I loved the characters and the unique perspective from the main character. The unique perspective of seeing through the eyes of the alien conquerors was a refreshing change of pace. The story line intrigued me and kept me reading eagerly late into the night. 

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